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May 19 2018



college is, like, really important. but if you don’t do well, remember you can still get paid to run a tumblr for a restaurant.

we’re finally unlocking the dennys admin’s backstory

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i’m trying to be funny on twitter pls follow me, the third installment in this thrilling saga

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god i hope first party sony developers recreating gifs becomes a trend

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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time:


Two more of my favorites:



These are great..made me smile😊💖

The fact these exist are truly amazing.

In the olden days, if footage was not used in a film, it was either destroyed or erased so they could reuse the reel, because it was cheaper than storing unused film.

Google the BBC’s lost archives to find out more.

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I’m screaming

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Rapport SOS Homophobie 2018 : En 2017, les agressions physiques à caractère homophobe en hausse en France


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LGBTQ - +15% d'agressions physiques, voici le constat qui inquiète ce mardi 15 mai l'association SOS Homophobie qui vient de dévoiler son rapport annuel.

Après plusieurs années de baisse, l'association a reçu en 2017 plus de témoignages d'agressions physiques: 139 contre 121 l'année d'avant. Les hommes sont les principales victimes de ces agressions avec 72% des témoignages reçus. Ces victimes ont en majorité entre 35 et 50 ans (28%).

Ce sont surtout dans les lieux publics que ces agressions physiques ont lieu: 45% des témoignages recueillis font état de ce contexte.

Parmi les témoignages, celui de Jimmy, un jeune homme gay qui utilise des applications de rencontre en ligne et qui reçoit un jour le message d'un homme qui l'invite à le rejoindre chez lui. Une fois dans la cour de l'immeuble, trois hommes l'attendent et lui donnent des coups de poings pour voler ses effets personnels.

“Vous êtes des animaux, des porcs, vous n'avez pas honte”

C'est aussi le témoignage de Guillaume, jeune homme vivant en Île-de-France, qui un jour en fin d'après-midi, “est pris à partie par six militaires de la Légion étrangère”. “Un militaire l'attrape à la gorge et le bloque sur un buisson. Il subit un contrôle d'identité violent, durant lequel il est traité de ‘tapette’, de ‘tafiole’. Les militaires lui disent: “Vous êtes des animaux, des porcs, vous n'avez pas honte”, peut-on lire dans le rapport. Guillaume portera plainte mais elle sera refusée par l'agent du commissariat.

Y a-t-il plus d'agressions que les années passées ou est-ce que les concernés sont plus aptes à témoigner? La médiatisation croissante de ces agressions, les réseaux sociaux qui font le relais et jouent un rôle de taille dans leur diffusion, sont des facteurs qui expliquent aussi pourquoi SOS Homophobie a pu recueillir plus de témoignages d'agressions que les années passées. “Il est extrêmement préoccupant de constater que l'homophobie persiste, et que des personnes passent à l'acte violemment. Mais il…

Retrouvez cet article sur le Huffington Post

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tumblr text post: no one will ever love me im ugly and gross

me: same

tumblr text post: im perfect why am i not the ruler of the world

me: same

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May 19th, 2009: Our apologies to the families of Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, we’re sure they’re very proud of you.

Oh yeah! Whatever happened to these guys? Anyone know?

This is freaking inspiring.

can you fucking imagine shia labeouf as loki 

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Drag ‘em down, boys





what is it about boobs that makes them so fucking excellent 


the person theyre attached to

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson


My Overall Thoughts - 5/5

This is the introduction to a massive world. A 1200 page introduction. A compelling, intricate, deep introduction to what I can only assume is going to be an utterly ginormous book series. Brandon Sanderson can pull it off. I have no doubt. 

I picked up The Way of Kings several times before. I never made it past the Prelude. Now, I’m not incredibly anti-prologue or whatever…but I just never got hooked enough to move past the “okay” prelude into the honking novel that was The Way of Kings. Finally, my husband read it and he said, “Just keep reading. I promise.” And those kinds of promises always irritate me. Like, why can’t it just hook me from the get go? Why does it have to wait to get good? 

My ONLY complaint is that the prelude, when the reader is otherwise uninformed about the world of the story, isn’t that engaging. Going back, of course, after I read the book, the prelude makes perfect sense as the opening. What other opening could there be? But it did take me a while to muster up the will to move past it into the meat of the book. And I am so glad I did—as I knew I would be.
The entire book might be an introduction to the Stormlight Archives as a series, but it doesn’t feel that way. Not in the moment. I was so involved with the characters, getting to know them and their stories and their place in this huge world…I loved it. And I came to love every narrating character for their own reasons. Kaladin and Shallan, from the start, I adored. And while it took me a little longer to love Dalinar, I came to look forward to his narration as well.
Characters are what pull me into a story, and The Way of Kings does not want for character. More on that below. The worldbuilding is great, of course, and the magic system—what Sanderson is kind of known for—is complex and interesting and I still don’t feel like I’ve done more than scratch the surface when it comes to understanding it. I can’t wait to start Words of Radiance. And by that, I mean I’ve already started it. Started it moments after finishing this one. 

I read this on Kindle and also listened to the audiobook while running and biking and driving. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading (who you might know as the narrators for the entire Wheel of Time series…) did a great job. They are pleasant to listen to.

Very mild spoilers below cut.

Keep reading






Beauty and the Beast but they’re lesbians

And the Beast is still this 8 foot tall hulking monster with horns and massive claws and fangs and when she turns back into human she’s still buff as shit and her girlfriend is small and they open a library together also the candle and the clock are gay

This is what people mean when they talk about the “gay agenda”

if you want a story about gay people make your own don’t steal someone elses idea

The Gay Agenda now includes remaking all Disney Movies to be about Lesbians now it’s Official no more Straights

Fairy Tales aren’t “someone else’s” stories they’re everybody’s stories and that includes the gays.



They’ve officially made it clear that they do NOT accept nazifurs, altfurs, furry raiders, or other bullshit hate groups on FA at all, and those who self identify as a member of these hate groups will be banned permanently!! 

I LOVE this. This is an AMAZING step in the right direction.










i want to protect every young girl in the world being wrongly sexualized and forced to grow up way too fast

The 13-year-old girl from Stranger Things:


Her 15-year-old male costar:


JFC why can’t they leave that poor girl alone???

What’s sexual about this? @sespursongles

Gee i dunno, maybe the way they had her spread her legs and make an o-face???

She has to pose, he gets to play

Asking “what’s sexual about this” is almost insidous. Sure, she’s not naked and she’s not performing any sexual acts, but that’s not what sexualization necessarily means. The girl-child is looking longinly, languishingly into the camera. She has her legs in a short dress spread, her lips separated, and very much make-up making her look older. She is passive, for the camera/viewer, while the boy is active, joking, playing, relaxed and as a child, respected as a child. I’m sure someone might say, “but that’s you sexualizing her, with your gaze” but come on, who are we kidding here? We know the industry sexualizes young girls, we know this isn’t a coinscidence. We know this is the pattern, the model for woman according to the male gaze or woman performing for the male gaze, and we know she is 13 and that everyone knows she is. And we know this destroys girls.


Protect Millie Bobby Brown.

(Also, as the grown-ups, that’s our job - not hers).



I just want everybody to know that my son, Peter Parker, would try to lift Thor’s hammer because he’s a child and would use so much force that he just hit himself in the face because he thought he wouldn’t be able to lift it so easily

peter just knocks himself unconcious with thors hammer

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