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August 12 2017



I can’t believe the art book confirmed that mr smiley and mr frowney were always intended to be lovers and this isn’t just some headcanon that the writer’s are supportive of and the subtext was definitely written in there on purpose

because I realize that not everyone’s gonna see the post that I wote before this and think that I’m still talking about fandom, here’s the relevant part in a writer’s exercise that was later incorporated into future boy zoltron:

they were both on stage- a comedy duo called ‘two smiling faces’! they did the stand up circuit in the 80′s! two clean comics taking on the world- steven can’t believe it, and rushes to reunite them. now they are two sad faces, but they don’t have to be- they can make each other laugh again! also they were clearly lovers and steven reminds them that love and laughter conquer all!”

so… yea. this isn’t something they just rolled with after seeing the fan response. mr. smiley has probably been gay since day 1, and the idea of him having a stand up comedy duo with his boyfriend was 100% a thing waaaay before they actually wrote the episode. 






it’s 2015, we should stop saying “adopt dont shop” and change it to “adopt wisely and shop only from a reputable breeder who health tests their dogs and cares about their temperament and needs.”

Nah, just adopt.

i know what i’m about son

About 4 million dogs dying in shelters every year, apparently.

No reason to get a dog from a breeder unless it is going to be a working dog. And even then, you can often make a working dog out of a rescue.

I adopted my cat as a kitten from the “worst off” shelter within driving distance of my well-off town. This shelter does not take surrenders; every dog and cat there was found as a stray. I adopted my cat as a kitten, and she absolutely changed my life.

At age 6, her health began to decline. My family had no idea why. We spoiled that cat rotten, we researched our food. A trip to the vet showed that her kidneys were failing. They gave her a few months to live. But we did everything we could. Sub-Q fluids EVERY DAY. Holding this cat, who meant everything to me, down, wrapped up like a burrito (ET, we called her), jabbing a needle in her neck every day to give her fluids so she could survive comfortably. We did everything she could. “A few months” turned into two years, but she could only fight for so long. October 9th, 2015, exactly two hours before she was scheduled to be put down, my cat died at the age of 8.

We did everything right. The best food, the best care we could give her, never letting this precious girl outside. She was an asshole, through and through, from day one. But we loved her. And despite our care, she died having lived less than half as long as most cats. Our vet said it was likely genetic, she was just born more prone than most. I know that we gave that former stray the best care we could; my mother works in the medical field, which is how we could manage the fluids for so long (I know many people who simply couldn’t do it). But she still died young.

When my family felt that we could handle it, we decided to get another pet. A dog this time. But we remembered our cat; we went through the process of losing her much too soon, simply due to her uncertain background. So, when we got my dog, we researched a reputable breeder, and “bought” our dog.

I felt horrible for months. Because of people like you, saying I was the reason animals were suffering in shelters, without homes. But I’m not. We did nothing wrong. It took me so, so long to accept that. People like you, claiming I was dooming a shelter dog to eternal shelter life, that I was the reason animals were being put down, made me feel awful for recognizing that I couldn’t handle another pet who died so soon.

But we did nothing wrong. We chose a dog based on what my family needed. And that isn’t wrong. My dog is from a reputable breeder, and we chose her based on her parents health records and her temperament. We chose what my family needed, after our sick little shelter kitten.

There is nothing wrong with doing everything you can to choose a pet that will have the best chance at a long life with you. There’s nothing wrong with being unable to handle the uncertainty of a shelter pet. There is something wrong with making people who can’t handle a rescue, for any reason, feel as if they are inferior as people or pet owners.

Let people make their own informed decisions, without you guilt tripping them.

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Second-born boys are much more likely to be suspended from school or end up in prison than their older brothers are. Source Source 2 Source 3


I love how Steve is 100% willing to do bad things but negative percent willing to admit to them. 

“Five exams in five different cities…” “That might not be the right file—”

*hotwires a car* “We’re borrowing.”

*pushes a guy off a building* “Technically, Natasha was the one who did it.”

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avi masterpost part 2: still stumblin’

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idk why old navy is literally always ahead of the game in terms of uncanny valley + retail horror

Free them

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this guy has the most difficult bird of all time but he loves him anyway

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pro strats: use your hand to hide your receding hairline 

I don’t think I have this technique down. I can still see my receding line.

try using two hands

August 11 2017


If you are an adult on the receiving end of sexual attention from a minor, the only appropriate response is a firm, non-negotiable “no.” Not an “I would, but the darn law…” not, “maybe when you’re eighteen,” a “no.” It is your job as the adult to be responsible, and to not abuse the power differential between you. What the minor wants is irrelevant to your obligations. The only appropriate response is “no.”



so if you have a webcomic and are looking to host it somewhere, maybe avoid tapastic

they’re a pretty shady business overall. there’s the old TOS fiasco where they modified their TOS to affect your IP rights without your knowledge, and you auto-consented to it just by having your work there. source (yeah, i know, bleedingcool, big deal - but pay close attention to ironspike and george rohac’s tweets)

yeah, they mopped that up but after a public outcry. that’s old hat.

but here’s some new hat: the tapas creator incubator

tl;dr: the tapas creator incubator is an IP mill they will use to pitch to movie and tv companies, compensating you with scraps and taking full control of your own IP - your own work, YOUR BABY - out of your hands.

more details…

“wowwie, i get to work AT TAPAS HQ! with an editorial team and other creators in a big art house studio!!! i get to bump elbows with TV / original series big wigs! this might be my BIG BREAK!

slow down there friendo! if it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. let’s take a closer look at what they want.

translation: tapastic wants you to produce 200 pages of comic work in 3-6 months. that’s 1.6 INKED, COLORED, AND LETTERED pages PER DAY, no days off! just an FYI, a “fast pace” for full-time webcomic artists is 4 pages a WEEK. scratch that - that’s breakneck speed for layouts, sketching, inking, flatting, coloring, and lettering comics pages. most comic creators produce a page every one or two weeks.

that is close to mangaka levels of workload, except mangakas have assistants to keep up with their outrageous level of production, and the other creators you’ll be working with are also busy with their own workloads. no help for you!

if you haven’t seen any red flags yet, let me drop some for you:

🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩  STIPEND  🚩 🚩 🚩 🚩

what is a stipend? wikipedia defines it thus:

A stipend is a form of salary, such as for an internship or apprenticeship.[1] It is often distinct from an income or a salary because it does not necessarily represent payment for work performed; instead it represents a payment that enables somebody to be exempt partly or wholly from waged or salaried employment in order to undertake a role that is normally unpaid (e.g. a magistrate in the United Kingdom) or voluntary, or which cannot be measured in terms of a task (e.g. members of the clergy).

a stipend does NOT have to meet minimum wage requirements, a stipend does NOT mean you are employed [by Tapas], a stipend does NOT mean you are entitled to benefits such as PTO, vacation, medical, dental, vision, or any of that. a stipend is COMPENSATION which has no MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS.

this means tapas is allowed to pay you LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE for your work. and before people jump onboard with “YEAH STIPENDS HAVE TO MEET MINIMUM WAGE”, friends, pals, listen: stipends only have to meet minimum wage requirements if you are an employee-intern with the company.

it’s interesting to note that when users have questioned tapas staff about this, staff responded with:

seriously. there’s a lot of “we work out payments on an individual basis” responses in there.

why all the secrecy? marvel, dc, image and the others are VERY UP FRONT about how they pay their creators. when i go looking for comic work, the pay is discussed right from the get go. the fact that tapas is unwilling to discuss pay is another 🚩.

just fyi, san francisco’s bay area is the most expensive area to live in ($3800/mo for studio, anyone?), and if they wont cover your travel, relocation, living, accomodations cost, then you bet your ass that stipend they offer won’t cover it either. keep that in mind, even if you won’t be relocating.

also keep this in mind: since this will be more than a full-time job, will that stipend pay as much as a full-time job if it doesn’t have to meet minimum wage requirements?

X, X, X, X, X, X

undisclosed pay? dividing up your control over YOUR IP? no clear outline on how much of your IP you still own? no termination clause? no info on royalties?

typically, comic publishers and hosts will tell you right off the bat who owns your IP and how profits will be split. this is standard and common practice. tapas has revealed none of these.

if you look at their TOS change and this “incubator”, this is a very clear trend that tapas is an IP mill out to exploit creators.

i can’t stop ya’ll from uploading your work there, i can only make you aware of the the trend and the things they are up to. i personally will never upload my work there and support their system.

if you haven’t already, give iron spike a follow on twitter, she is VERY good at keeping her ear to the ground for this kind of nonsense. join groups of experienced comic creators who keep an eye out for bad contracts (TokyoPop? Platinum? remember those guys?)

eclipse glasses


Usually I’m the kind of person who forgets these things til the last minute and hops over to Amazon to order via prime with their rush shipping… but prices have shot up and stories are popping up warning of companies looking to make a quick buck with glasses that aren’t safe. 

Since my eyes are useful for my visual arts job, I found this helpful site with lists of reputable manufacturers and stores. Nasa recommends this list in it’s safety page.

I bought a 4 pack of Celestron for $10 from REI earlier today, but later when my brother went to buy some they were sold out. Looking at comments it seems they were sold out before as well. I checked ThinkGeek first but they were sold out. Lots of shops on the lists show sold out or have inflated prices.

B&H has 5 for $13, which is what I’d buy if I hadn’t already bought some. They’ve got photo filters too. 


To everyone who started school last week/this week/whenever you start:
I hope you have a wonderful year/semester/school term. I hope your classes challenge you, but never stress you out. I hope you have wonderful teachers who want to see you excel and will do everything in their power to help you learn. And I hope you make lots of friends who love you for who you are and that you create a lifetime of wonderful memories together. And remember, you can do anything you put your mind to. Now go rock that place! :)

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You remember that post about the homestuck t-shirt design contest collaborating with hot topic? And how Hot Topic are the biggest art thieves?  This is recent.  As you can see above, I stumbled upon Hot Topic’s website and they are selling a very popular fan art put on a t-shirt, and did not ask permission from the original artist (rismo).

This shows Hot Topic still continues their art thievery.  Hot Topic are still taking art from artists without their permission.  This is disrespectful and appalling.





woah oops deleting my deviantart account

*instantly puts logo on my best pictures*

6. Payment Unless otherwise agreed between Artist and deviantART in a writing from deviantART, the license granted to deviantART under this Agreement is royalty-free.

DeviantArt you literal piece of shit

Uh what

That’s not okay

yo okay this is REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT and imma be deleting my DA very soon because of it.

are you fucking for real

Just a heads up for people hosting their designs on DA

Okay. I just read through the “agreement” that DA has implemented, and it is truly heinous. I will not be posting on DA anymore.


3. License To Use Artist Materials. As and when Artist Materials are uploaded to the DeviantArt Site(s), Artist grants to DeviantArt a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to do the following things during the Term:

a) to prepare and encode Artist Materials or any part of them for digital or analog transmission, manipulation and exhibition in any format and by any means now known or not yet known or invented; (DA  can post them on their website and edit them in any way they see fit)

b) to display, copy, reproduce, exhibit, publicly perform, broadcast, rebroadcast, transmit, retransmit, distribute through any electronic means (including analog and digital) or other means, and electronically or otherwise publish any or all of the Artist Materials, including any part of them, and to include them in compilations for publication, by any and all means and media now known or not yet known or invented ; (They can publish your art in any media, use it to showcase their website or even promote certain groups without your knowledge. For all you know, your art could be promoting the KKK.)

c) to modify, adapt, change or otherwise alter the Artist Materials (e.g., change the size) and use the Artist Materials as described in Section 3(b); and

d) the right to sublicense to any other person or company any of the licensed rights in the Artist Materials, or any part of them, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. (They can edit, change, or otherwise modify your artwork in any way they want, as well as sublicensing it  to third parties, such as Hot Topic.)

e) Artist acknowledges that Artist will not have any right, title, or interest in any other materials with which Artist Materials may be combined or into which all or any portion of Artist Materials may be incorporated. (By posting on FA, you forfeit your right to dispute any third party profits or copyright infringements upon your art.)

f) During the Term, DeviantArt’s licenses under this Agreement include the right to use any part of the Artist Materials in the promotion, advertising or marketing of the DeviantART Sites. (DeviantArt can use your art to advertise anything they want.)

g) As used in this Agreement, the term “Artist Materials” means any content uploaded to the DeviantArt Site(s) which may include without limitation Artist’s name(s) (including professional names), trademarks, trade names, likenesses, photographs, biographical materials, audio-visual materials, artwork, liner notes, and other graphical, textual, video, film or audio materials and any and all “skins,” computer-generated images or other artwork or images that Artist submits to DeviantArt in any medium or format whatsoever. (ANYTHING you submit to DeviantArt belongs to DeviantArt now. Including  your drawings, your photos, videos, your stock materials, your music/audio, your written stories, and your artist name.)


Fuck DA. 

Burn them to the ground

Pass it around

That’s why I deleted months ago.It’s a terrible website and I hate it

Passing on the PSA. I stopped using that site years ago. If you still use it, it’s not too late! Trash that shit.

@everybery You should water mark the shit out of your stuff dear! I’ve had my designs on shirts without permission quite a few times !

Yep. Deleted over 400 drawings and photos from DA over an year ago. I used the site for over 8 years not knowing these terms of service since they don’t actually show them to you when you make an account. Sure you can find them if you do some digging but they don’t shove it to your face. Also it doesn’t matter if your art has a watermark or whatever. Like it says above they have the right to edit and modify your pics so they can just remove your useless watermarks and signatures and then use your art freely and you can’t complain because you have agreed to all of this. There is no reason whatsoever to use Deviantart (maybe if you are a stockartist that gives their shit for free lol). Leave this piece of shit site before they use you like the arrogant asshats they are.

Omg I did not know this!


Deleting my da

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“Never did like that much,” is a baller and superb way to express your irritation with the way the patriarchy refuses to acknowledge how badass you are.


Before World War I, she shot a cigarette out of the mouth of the Kaiser of Germany at his request.

After the war started she sent him a letter asking for another chance, as she was afraid her aim might’ve been a little off.

Annie Fucking Oakley everyone

Annie Oakley’s story is actually incredibly badass. She was born to a dirt poor Ohio family, and after her father died when she was six her mother sent her away to a sort of poorhouse for kids so she would have one less mouth to feed. The poorhouse sent her to live and work for a family who, for the rest of her life, Annie would only refer to as ‘The Wolves’. The Wolves were incredibly abusive to her, they beat and starved her and worked her half to death. Keep in mind she was aged 7-12 when this was happening. At 12 she ran away from The Wolves and back to her family. Her mother still couldn’t afford to keep her so she was sent back to the poorhouse until age 15 when she returned home. At home she became the bread winner for the family by teaching herself to shoot and selling game she shot in town. She became known as an excellent shot. When she was 15, a semi famous vaudeville sharpshooter named Frank Butler came to town. The town bet him 100$ that their best shot could beat him. He was shocked when 5 foot tall, fifteen year old Annie Oakley showed up. She beat his ass, and he fell in love. They got married and went on the Vaudeville circuit together with his other partner, which was the beginning of her rise to fame. ANNIE OAKLEY EVERYBODY, a chick who went through a shitload of trauma and grew up to have an incredibly badass life and a really healthy marriage with a man who respected and adored her. Serious goals.

so… you’re saying Katniss had a role model







clint barton is the kind of guy who can hit a fly from 100m away with a bow and arrow but if you yell think fast and throw something at him he will not catch it and it will hit him in the face


Imagine this:

Tony gets Clint’s attention, signs think fast at him, Clint is about to sign why and gets hit in the face anyway


The sign for “why” is just wiggling your middle finger at your temple with a questioning look on your face, meaning even with his hand already at his face, Clint still couldn’t catch whatever was being thrown at him

August 10 2017

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a resource

This resource from the 11th Principle seems to be really helpful to a lot of people, so just sharing again with a link to the originators.

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You may have seen these fliers going around on social media and just to be safe I’m warning you all that this is false. It was posted maliciously on reddit and spread around to get undocumented immigrants to disclose their documentation status. Likely thinking that some would get reported on or whatever intentions that were had here.
It’s spread so much that Starbucks even sent out memos to all their stores about this rumor. Spread the information that it is FALSE.

Just an update but they people who started this went to Twitter to impersonate Latinx people to spread the information, posted it in Spanish as well, and some pretended to be managers at certain Starbucks locations stating that they will still be honoring the “promotion.” So if you see a “ Starbucks manager” saying something like this over Twitter then they are most definitely fake and trying to lure people to that particular location.

The intention (which originated on 4chan, not Reddit like I initially said) was to hurt a liberal business.

“How about we meme “Undocumented Immigrant Day” at Starbucks into existence? Announce free coffee for all illegals on a certain date. August 11? 11 looks like II (for Illegal Immigrant). I’m open to suggestions there. Name a liberal place for all illegals to go at once and demand free stuff.”

Quickly other people on the /pol/ board saw this as an opportunity to call I.C.E. and they are clearly still trying to get people to go to certain locations with that intention. There’s a reason why certain people on 4chan are trying to lure undocumented immigrants to particular locations so be wary & spread this info!

As someone who works at Starbucks, I’d just like to add that any coupon code ever will only be numbers. If you ever see a coupon code that is made up of letters then it’s a fake code.

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