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October 28 2017

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Because fox are paid nazi lovers

the Fox Network can perish, painfully.
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More Taz nights art that i spent like WAY too long on!

this was my favorite part. 




three hours into a road trip when you hit an infinite stretch of farmland is where you find real power and real insignificance simultaneously

Some of y'all have no concept of what living in the Midwest is like huh

yes and I am grateful for that everyday

October 27 2017



just an fyi if you start randomly hearing sounds like a chain saw, beating heart or screams, its your chat function because tumblr randomly changed the sounds without any warning. 



you can turn it off by opening any chat window, clicking the three dots, and clicking “Make the spooky sounds stop.” This should restore the normal notification sounds.

It will then look like this:


October 26 2017

October 25 2017

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A VERY prolonged sequence at the climax of the films takes place surrounded by flashing lights, the screen spinning etc.

My epilepsy isn’t usually triggered directly by flashing lights but even so I had to close my eyes as this went on for like five minutes and I was genuinely worried

I haven’t seen ANY warnings about this and would NOT have gone without a friend if I’d known, I’m literally typing this on my phone outside the cinema and I’m genuinely worried to walk home on my own in case one comes on.



October 24 2017



I added a code to my blog that prevents Pinterest pinning without permission if any other artists are interested

reblogging to share the resource but I do want to point out that the code amounts to “pinterest no pinning”. like dora the explorer’s swiper the fox… but if swiper were a middle-aged stay-at-home-mom with a smartphone. technology is truly amazing

October 23 2017

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OH. My. God.




I thought I was about to read something educational and then you hit me with that shit.








Warlocks are just magic subs.

I need you to explain this

The demons are doms.

Warlocks behave for their sugar demons and get sweet powers as rewards.

I hate this

Forget Coffins! This Company Will Swirl You Into Beautiful Glass Creations When You Die




Welp, this is just about all I want in death.

Like, I want to be made into a beautiful glass thing.  I want to be something treasured for a long time and rarely talked about.  I want to live in the home of someone who loved me, and touched now and then in silent memory.

I want people to forget that I’m in there, I want the memory of what I am to pass out of the family’s knowledge.  I want to be given away, and put out in a thriftstore somewhere.  

I want someone to buy my ashes for $4.99 and put me in a window and love the colors.  I want to cast beautiful, fractious and curving sunlight across the wall, sparkling and glowing and shimmering, depending on the time of day.  I want someone to take a picture of me with the moon behind me, luminous and mysterious.

I want a witch to buy me and put me in her work room.  I want an artist to leave me on their worktable.  I want to inspire people and make them smile.  I want to be warm from sunlight or chilly from the cool air.  I want to be packed in newspaper carefully when they move.  I want to be given as a holiday or graduation present to someone’s kid, I want to be given as a housewarming gift as a reminder of home.

And god, then, hopefully some day, I want to roll off the table, I want that globe to crack.

And then I want to haunt the living shit out of the future.

Holy shit, the comment made this sixty times more awesome and now I want this to be done to me too.

my great-grandchild: this is grandma orb, I don’t like calling her that she just put in her will that if she wasn’t addressed as “the orb” or something similar then she’d be pissed

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Okay, look’s like it’s just the two of us. Let’s go in there and take a look. Take one of these.


The Doylist explanation for Zone of Truth banishing the Hunger once Merle and Pan reconnect is simply that Zone of Truth has become Merle’s signature spell, and Griffin couldn’t NOT let it work.

But there’s a Watsonian explanation, too.

The Hunger is an entire plane of existence which has completely given over to despair and the belief that nothing matters. When Zone of Truth is active, no one can tell a lie within its area of effect.

Basically? The Hunger, the physical embodiment of despair, despite being real, is a lie.

The idea that love and heartache and struggle and victory and peace and work and laughter don’t matter is a lie.

October 22 2017

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You never know if someone needs this. Reblog this, even if its not your ‘blog type’. Just do it.

Yes, please reblog

Do it. Now.

i sat here and thought about reblogging this or not but then i realized how many people feel suicidal, and i  have too its not dan and phil but i could honestly care less, bc i rather have someone not die then make sure i strictly stay to my ‘blog type’ 

Blog type doesn’t matter. Caring for people does.





can someone explain the alignment chart for me but in like, the simplest wording possible lmao

lawful good: i want to do the right thing, and following society’s rules is the best way to do that

neutral good: i want to do what’s right, and i’m willing to bend or break the rules as long as no one gets hurt

chaotic good: i’m willing to do whatever it takes as long as it’s to do the right thing

lawful neutral: following the rules of society is the most important thing, and that matters more to me than doing what’s right

true neutral: i just want myself and the people i care about to be happy

chaotic neutral: i want my freedom, and i don’t care what i have to do to keep it

lawful evil: to impede the protagonists (in whatever evil way) is my primary goal, but i follow my own code of morals even when it’s inconvenient

neutral evil: to impede the protagonists (in whatever evil way) is the my primary goal, and while i’ll do what it takes to achieve it, i also won’t go out of my way to do unnecessary damage

chaotic evil: i relish in destruction and want to do as much damage as possible while i try to achieve my primary goal





Apparently George Bush said something common sense about the orange Menace and people are creaming themselves on Twitter and in the news because it’s like oh my God I can’t believe he took down you know the Tangerine baby and it’s like do you not remember who the fuck George Bush is and what the fuck he did to this country

i need people to not romanticize bush

Honestly he’s probably excited there’s finally a worse option than him

🗣George Bush started America’s longest war on demonstrably false pretenses. Millions have died for his oil wars. GWB did to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina what Trump is doing to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria. And he tried really hard to privatize social security. Never ever ever hold George Bush up as the “good” Republican. They’re ALL terrible. All of them. They only get increasingly worse and more extreme over time. Don’t praise them for doing the least, after they’ve done their worst.


you are the LAST person on earth who needs a megaphone asshole

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“As the father of no daughters because I’m literally in 8th grade, I think sexual harassment is bad.”

These kid are the future.

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