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March 09 2017

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Geode Shark!


that’s some Creepy Eldren Bullshit right there



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My darkest Mei moment (he got Play of the Game, to add insult to injury….)




We get to see Belle’s signature dress!

There’s nothing else like it! That design, the texture, the way it puffs out but manages to be elegant and regal!

Look at these cosplays!

Those are just cosplays!

Disney’s pouring 160 million dollars into this remake!

So tell me, Mickey, how did you and the gang manage to recreate the signature yellow dress?


she looks like a banana tree

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In response to this fuckery.

Hahah, it’s almost like the MCU already allowed fucking Joss Whedon to whitewash Magneto’s Rroma/Jewish children, Wanda and Pietro, and have them working for a Nazi organization, and they as a body have already cast in stone what little fucking respect they have for the creators, their experiences, and their art.


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I work at a daycare with infants.

One of our baby girls is fat, in the 99th percentile for her age. She is super cute and sweet. Lately, she has been sick with various breathing issues, so she has been reluctant to take her bottles. Normally, she’ll take 4 ounces of formula at lunch and 8 ounces in the afternoon. Today, I was lucky to get to her take 5 all day.

There was a substitute covering a lunch break in my classroom today. We emphasized to her that we need to keep trying to get the baby to drink her bottle until she finished it. She said, “Why are you guys so worried about taking her bottle?”

My coworker replied, “That’s where all her nutrients are. She needs the nutrients and the water.”

To which the substitute replied, “But she’s so fat. She doesn’t need it.”

Thin privilege is a small, pretty baby getting better childcare because the caretaker doesn’t think she’s too fat to be allowed to eat.

This reminds me of a cousin of mine who ended up with her kids being taken away from her by social services for a number of reasons but mostly for nearly killing her baby daughter. How?

By starving her. She insisted that her baby was ‘too fat’ and had an aim to remove any and all ‘chubbyness’ so her baby would be thin. She’d already been warned by her doctor about the baby not getting enough food, but insisted she knew best.

After several months of this her baby passed out cold one day and was rushed into hospital where the doctors found her to have severe malnutrition, a low body temperature and low pulse rate. They asked my cousin what she’d been feeding her daughter and she said “one bottle of skimmed milk a day. I don’t want her growing up fat.”

Even after nearly killing her daughter my cousin maintained her view that fat = bad and ended up with all her kids taken from her because she was starving them and neglecting them.

When your fatphobia leads you to starving your own children then you’ve got serious problems.

(Note. She still, to this day, maintains the view that she was right and the doctors were wrong. “They just want fat kids so they can keep employed treating them for all those diseases that being fat causes.” = her actual words.)

My mom had me dieting with her when I was eleven. She had me eating less than 600 calories a day because she was worried I was going to “get huge.” She even grounded me once because she found out my friends were bringing me lunches! I ended up passing out, going to the ER, and getting two IVs at once BC I was so goddamn dehydrated. Soooooo surprised they didn’t call child services… And looking back, this was the root of my anorexia. I’m nearly 22 and still fighting it. Please don’t starve your fucking children.

For fucks sake babies are SUPPOSED to be fat, what is wrong with people? It’s just stored energy, and growing children need stored energy - an 11 year old is just about to hit some major growing years. Damn. 




and it kills







shoutout to paris hilton for not abandoning her ‘micropig’ 

when it turned out that it was a normal piggy who grew up to be a big fat fatty piggu

Actually that’s pretty standard size for a micro pig. Pigs are ENORMOUS, dude. The average pig on a farm is 7 feet long and over 700 lbs. A normal pig would be much bigger than Hilton.

EDIT: This is a photo of the world’s smallest recognized breed of pig, the kune kune. I’m sorry cartoons lied to you all.

This is the pot bellied pig, another famous “small” breed.

This is your average adult pig.

Big ole’ pigs.

Wild boars can feed people for a very long time! I believe this one was 1800 lbs. (largest piggy ever was about 1,984 lbs)


holy fucking shit I knew they were big but that’s like the size of a fucking CAR.

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#get with the program the new humor is benevolent surrealism (x)

I always wanted to know what to call it.

This is something I’ve been meaning to talk about, and I may do a full blog post at some point, but here’s a capsule version:

The Benign Violation Theory of humor, which is probably the best one out there, suggests that something is perceived as funny when it is simultaneously perceived as violating how the world “should” work and as benign. Something like the “gun” meme, for example, is funny because it violates our sense of how a joke should progress, and at the same time it’s harmless. 

Racist/sexist/etc shock humor violates our sense of how the world work–in either a “that’s not true!” or “you’re not allowed to say that!” way–and therefore whether you find it funny is based on whether you find it benign, which is to say either you think it’s harmless or you don’t care about the people it harms. (This is the root of the punch up/kick down distinction–jokes that punch up are funnier than jokes that kick down because the people they target are less vulnerable and therefore less likely to experience harm.)

So yes, science agrees that if you think racist jokes are funny, the reason is that you don’t care about the feelings of the people the joke is about. There’s a word for that.


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nick spencer has now on multiple occasions turned jewish characters and characters created by jewish people into nazis and completely turned a blind eye to any and all criticism both from jews and goyim alike

he’s reframing nazis as the heroes of his stories. he’s taking our characters and characters we made to represent ideals of hope and turning them into fucking nazis.

antisemitism is on the rise (though it’s literally always been there) and the very last thing we need is the continued normalization of nazis. like y'all can not accept this shit. hydra, death eaters, the first order, etc are thinly veiled and y'all need be critical of how you engage with that shit

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This is important.

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Screenshot from Too Far next to a leaked screenshot from Room for Ruby.

We’ve reached maximum gremlin folks.

People in the notes like “different art styles exist lol” NIGGA JUST ADMIT IT’S OFF MODEL

Are people aware of the fact that from the very start Rebecca Sugar wanted a show with intentionally loose restrictions on what is or is not “on model“? This has been known for YEARS now yet I keep hearing people bitch about it. It’s an intentional aspect of the show that adds character.

There is no “on model” for Steven Universe. You are complaining about a fundamental aspect of the show and it makes you look ridiculous. Stop.

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Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. Happy International Women’s Day! 

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There’s a mathematical theory that claims 26 is the perfect age for marriage. According to the 37% rule, when you have to screen a lot of options with limited time, it’s best to choose one after you’ve considered 37% of them. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 40 while looking for love, you’ll theoretically make the best choice 37% of the way through– at age 26. Before then, you might miss out on the better options, and after that, your chances decrease as higher-quality partners become less available. Source

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Lazy record store employee

nonsense give him a raise


so apparently cnn now has a clock counting how long it’s been since trump has attacked someone on twitter

and all it did was remind me of is this




gay men who wont date trans men because they “are not really men” are gross and lesbian women who wont date trans women because they “are not really women” are gross sorry i dont make the rules lmao

*staring uncomfortably at my cis followers who pretend they didn’t see this*

And just asserting a nonbinary person to the gender of your choosing is another disgusting practice.

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i made a guide for ppl

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today in “youtube’s recommendation algorithm completely misunderstands what i’m interested in”: i am recommended a channel consisting entirely of livestreams of a creepy dude sitting in a corner and just staring at the camera for 4 hours, 3 times a week

a robber broke into his house and he didn’t stop recording and the robber got so creeped out he left. the video is on his YouTube somewhere

https://youtu.be/tmrXakd_r6I?t=9391 here

“This episode of Sitting and Smiling features a very special guest.
About 2.5 hours into the webcast, I hear someone come into the
house, which is odd, because my only housemate is at work, and we
aren’t expecting anyone. I realize I didn’t check to see if the doors
were locked before starting the webcast. I hear the person stealthily moving
around the house, and then I hear them stealthily climbing the stairs,
towards my room. My door opens, and I hear an unfamiliar male
voice say “Hello?”. Then, after presumably seeing me sitting still and
smiling in front of a camera, lit from beneath by a florescent bulb, he
promptly descends the stairs and exits the house.

You can see this happen at 2:36:30

As it turns out, the doors were locked, and he had broken one open. We found nothing missing, as there is not really anything of value in the house other than the laptop I was using to webcast.“

I’m howling

The robber legitimately thinks they just walked into a creepypasta and they made the wise choice of getting the hell out of there

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